Organic Cotton Pads CASE of 24

Ref: UKT93003

Organic Cotton Pads CASE of 24
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  • Made Using Organically Grown Cotton
  • Environmentally friendly seams are soft on a babys skin



Organic Cotton Pads CASE of 24

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Case Size = 24 x packs of cotton pads
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Simply Gentle Organic Wool Pads are incredibly soft and extra absorbant for nursery use.

Organic cotton pads have a number of uses both for babies and parents.

They are ideal for drying babies fingers and toes, removing dirt and grime or cleaning areas around cuts and grazes.

They can also be used to apply salves and ointments, particularly to sensitive places.

For cosmetic use organic cotton pads softly and gently apply or remove make-up.

There are approximately 100 small round pads per pack.

The Organic Cotton Wool is grown without artificial pesticides, working in harmony with the environment to support biodiversity using a natural pest management system.

Gentle on the envirnoment. Gentle on you.

Soil Association Certified.

100g per pack.