Beaming Baby Washable Nappy Inserts
2 Pack

Ref: UKT87202

Beaming Baby Washable Nappy Inserts~(Hemp)~2 Pack

Beaming Baby washable nappy insert HEMP 2-pack
  • Bring a New set of Customers to YOUR Shop
  • Guaranteed Customer Loyalty
  • Keep your baby fresh and dry
  • Complements Beaming Baby washable nappy kits.
  • Better for the environment than standard disposible nappies
  • Less chemical content than standard disposable nappies.



Beaming Baby Washable Nappy Inserts~(Hemp)~2 Pack

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By using washable nappies, you show that you are a great parent caring for your baby as well as the environment.

Insert into the back "pocket" of our Beaming Baby Washable nappy, for extra absorbency.

How is this Bamboo Hemp Insert healthier for my baby?
Beaming Baby Birth to Potty washable Nappies contain NONE of the harsh chemicals found in standard brand nappies. The Bamboo Hemp nappy Insert has a micro fibre inner which is light and fast drying to keep your baby comfortable and dry.

How will it make my Baby happier?
We have made a super-absorbent to adapt to your baby's needs. Your baby will be comfortable and dry, day and night! And of course, being a healthier little one, due to less chemical content, your baby is certain to be happier!

How will it make a better Planet for our children?

Using these inserts along with Beaming Baby washables will generate 30% less Carbon than standard supermarket disposables.

Your washable nappies contain a "pocket" at the rear of the nappy which holds the absorbent nappy insert. This folds underneath the baby from front to back for greater absorbency and protection.

The front poppers provide an adjustment to the length of the nappy and the fit around the baby's legs. The popper closings provide a snug fit around the waist at all ages. This is done by the Velcro tabs on the Velcro version below.

Each pack has two inserts.

Insert size: 34cm x 25cm.