Beaming Baby PINK Washable Nappy with Free Insert and Velcro Closing

Ref: UKT87101

Beaming Baby PINK Washable Nappy with Free Insert and  Velcro Closing

beaming baby washable nappy with insert, pink with velcro fastening
  • Guaranteed - No Nappy Rash after 7 Days or Your Money Back
  • Give Your Baby the Healthiest Start to Life - Totally Free from Harsh Chemicals
  • Ultra Adjustable - Super Comfy for even the Wriggliest Baby!
  • Save a whopping 700 over Disposable Nappies
  • Just use one-a-day to Save over 200
  • Of course they're brilliant for the planet - Keep it Beautiful for Your Baby
  • Yes! It's Beaming Baby's own Washable Nappy - Carefully Designed and Made For Your Baby



Beaming Baby PINK Washable Nappy with Free Insert and Velcro Closing

Unit RRP = £13.49
Case Size = 1 x Washable Nappy & Bamboo Insert
Size: From Birth to Potty
FREE delivery for orders over £150
100% satisfaction guaranteed - FREE returns
By using washable nappies, you show that you are a great parent caring for your baby as well as the environment.

Beaming baby washable nappies are absorbent and comfortable, with a soft, bamboo insert. Using Popper or Velcro closing they are fully adjustable taking your little one from birth to potty training.

How will it make my Baby happier?
The elasticated leg will provide your baby with all the movement it needs to WRIGGLE and SNOOZE with ease. Not only that but made from soft, stretchy fabric with a soft suede cotton lining, its ideal for sensitive skin.

With convenient, speedy closings, your baby can get back to the important little things in her life and not hang around while Mum does the boring tasks of changing the nappy!

How will it make my Baby healthier?
A Super Absorbent liner which can be speedily changed, will keep your baby's bottom drier to cut the risk of nappy rash.

Organic Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties.

By using washable nappies, you can keep your little ones OUT of everyday, supermarket disposable nappies which use harsh bleaching agents and harmful chemicals.

How will it make Mum happier?
Forget struggling with standard terry squares - quick closing poppers and Velcro along with a pocket to slip in a clean insert, means a speedy nappy change!

A Hyper-soft tight weave polyester outer cover will stay soft and clean wash after wash.

Save over 700 compared to using disposable nappies over a baby's time in nappies.

Once you've ordered your washable nappies there's no further need to keep rushing to the shop to get more.

And when your little one is done wearing nappies and fully potty trained, they can be kept for your next baby or passed on to a friend.

How will it make a better Planet for our children?
Beaming Baby washables will generate 30% less Carbon than standard supermarket disposables.

Bamboo is Certified Organic and Grown Sustainably.

A once-and-for-all purchase means Less Packaging, a smaller carbon footprint from distribution and fewer shopping miles. Beaming Baby Washables are a natural choice when thinking about what's best for the future of your children and the planet.

How to use Beaming baby Washable Nappies
Your washable nappies contain a "pocket" at the rear of the nappy which holds the absorbent nappy insert. This folds underneath the baby from front to back for greater absorbency and protection.

The front poppers provide an adjustment to the length of the nappy and the fit around the baby's legs. The popper closings provide a snug fit around the waist at all ages. This is done by the Velcro tabs on the Velcro version below.

Beaming baby provides a range of inserts and liners for washable nappies.

Use our biodegradable nappy liners inside the washable nappies to catch the poo for flushing down the loo.*
We do a range of inserts including soft and sustainable Bamboo, Hemp and Charcoal.

* Not suitable for systems with septic tanks or small bore waste systems with macerators.