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Bambino Mio Nappies

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Bambino Mio
Starter Pack
Save Over 30%
  • Super Soft Cotton Jersey Fabric
  • Protect Your Baby from Harsh Chemicals in Standard Nappies
  • Avoid Skin Irritation and Allergy for Your Baby
  • A Great Kit to get you Started with Washable Nappies
  • Slim fit under clothing
  • Easy to Use 2 part System
Beaming Baby
Disposable Nappy Liners
100% Bio-Degradable!
(Roll of 100)
  • No Nappy Rash after 7 Days Guaranteed or your Money Back!
  • Biodegradable & Compostable!
  • Fits Snugly inside Your Birth to Potty Cloth Nappy to draw Moisture through it and Keep Baby's Bottom Dry
  • Stops solids from passing through so keeping Your Baby's Nappy Cleaner
  • Save yourself Time and Effort cleaning dirty nappies
  • Made from Wood Pulp from Sustainable Forests
  • We Guarantee Your Baby will have No Nappy Rash after 7 Days using our Beaming Baby Birth to Potty Cloth Nappy system or we'll give you your money back

bambino mio nappies

Bambino Mio nappies

More and more parents today choose to use cotton nappies as the best way to care for their baby. Call them reusable nappies, terry nappies, washable nappies, real nappies or cotton nappies; by any name these are the modern, environmentally friendly alternative to disposables.

The Bambino Mio brand is founded on the principles of quality, convenience, comfort and style. With continuous product development Bambino Mio are committed to providing you with the best cotton nappies and associated products available.

Bambino Mio offers a complete nappy system suitable for babies from newborn to potty training. The Bambino Mio nappy is 100% cotton which means they are naturally soft, breathable and absorbent, maintaining a healthy temperature

Bambino Mio Prefold washable nappy
A traditional favourite, the prefold Bambino Mio nappy is a square of tightly woven pure cotton, with sewn in fold lines. The square is simply folded into a rectangle and placed into the cover before fitting around your baby. We recommend you use a Bambino Mio nappy cover with this nappy.

Bambino Mio award-winning nappies are designed to provide maximum absorbency and comfort for your baby.

· Bambino nappies are made using a three-panel construction with 6-8 layers of cotton in the centre and 4 layers of cotton in the outer panels
· Bambino nappies can be folded in various ways to suit the individual needs of baby
· Bambino nappies are made from tightly woven 100% cotton
· Bambino nappies are long-lasting and can often be passed on for use by the next baby.

Bambino Mio mio nappy covers:

Based on many years experience, Bambino Mio have developed a range of covers which are convenient to use and water resistant. Bambino Mio nappy covers provide excellent comfort, a snug fit and are great value for money.

· Bambino mio nappy covers fit most sizes and shapes of baby
· Made from a super-soft fabric with a water resistant wipe-clean inner surface
· Velcro® style fasteners for a quick and adjustable fit
· Elasticated leg cuffs and waist ensure a snug fit to prevent leaks
· Slim fit under clothing
· Deep gusset for maximum containment
· Bambino mio nappy covers are machine washable at up to 60°C

Bambino Mio training pants:

· Designed especially for toddlers when potty training
· Promotes independence with pull-up style design
· Cotton blend with water resistant layer and inner pad for super absorbency
· The waterproof layer allows toddlers to feel wetness while minimising accidents
· Machine washable
· Colours: blue, pink or white

Bambino Mio biodegradable nappy liners

Mioliners, are now even friendlier on the environment. Made from 100% natural material, they are compostable when wet, flushable when soiled and biodegradable*. The new mioliners are made from cornstarch which is an annually renewable, sustainable source.
· Retain solids to help prevent soiling of the nappy
· Reduce moisture seeping back onto baby's skin
· Convenient addition to any nappy system
· 160 sheets per roll

Bambino nappies also come in great value starter packs and birth to potty packs. If you are unsure about using Bambino nappies, try a mio nappy trial pack.

Beaming Baby Bio Degradable Nappies are the most bio-degradable disposable nappy available in the UK and accompany a washable system perfectly for use at night time or holidays.

· Most of the nappy biodegrades withing 4 years instead of the mind-blowing 400 years.

· Each nappy has 30% less chemicals than standard disposable nappies and are kind to all babies, especially those with eczema or sensitive skin.

Why not give them a go with our FREE Trial Pack.